Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back And Still Crazy About Immerschoen!!

Yay! My laptop is back! Finally!! Though it was strange that they couldn't find anything wrong with it; but now that it's back, I'm hearing that same noise again that made me take it to the service centre in the first place!! OMG I hope I don't have to send it in again! It's times like these that I wished I knew how to fix computers myself!

Speaking of fix, I guess I really need to fix my picture-taking skills--start from scratch, learn the basics, etc.. I know in the last post I said I was just gonna post whatever pics that looked presentable enough for my sanity's sake, and I actually got a comment about it (which I did NOT publish--thank GOD for comment moderation *hehe*) and it was in Mandarin too!*gulp* (thank GOD for translators)!! Basically the 'helpful' reader was telling me that 'anything that is NOT the result of hard work is of no value'! Gee thanks, like I don't know that already!! Maybe Miss/Mr Helpful has never heard of REAL human beings who get FRUSTRATED every now and then!! I mean, only God knows how much work I put into blogging! (Whether or not it shows is another matter *sigh*)...ok time to calm down...

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when back in SL, I found a box from Nici Sewell again! She sure has some of the most yummilicious outfits for women, I'll tell ya--take a look here...

Immerschoen Girl Biker Jeans Short Set 'Peggy' (includes jeans stockings, gloves and belt), Boots (sold separately) and niciARTLINE Tattoo Skull for Love Angel Set all from Immerschoen--review items

Thanks again Nici!! xxxxx

Location: OWK


  1. I think your posts are and pics are fabulous and it very obvious that you put a lot of work in it. I always enjoy reading your blogs :)

  2. Aww Lila, thanks for saying that, you have NO idea how encouraging that is! Big hugsssssss!!

  3. really great photos Lisa.....thank you so much:-)
    hugs nici

  4. aww thanks Nici, and it's my pleasure!!!hugsssss

  5. Your pics are somewhere between very good and great. Taking pics, editing them and putting them into a blog post requires more time than one might think. Especially when you lack that time. So if it is ok with you, it is worth posting, no matter what others say. Mandarin or not :)

  6. Ohh thanks Moniq for the encouragement! Sure is nice to know someone understands!Yeah you're right--I was also thinking that the best thing is to just post whatever I think is nice and worth posting, like you said..'coz sometimes I forget that hey, it's my blog, not theirs! LOL! Thanks again Moniq! hugsssss


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