Thursday, February 18, 2010

Velvet Dreams

I have always appreciated the fact that the beautiful luxurious designs from Velvetrythms usually buck the trend as to what is expected of casual or formal wear, and there is also a certain elegant hippiness (if there's such a term) about the amazing creations of Velvetori Twine that is truly unmistakable and vintage Velvetrythms. Here are just some of my favourites...

Outfit: Swing (includes pants, top and skirt options) from Velvetrythms
Hair in all pics: 84 from W&Y--1L
Jewellery: All My Love (includes two necklace options) from Rhiamon's Realm--60L

Dress: Emerald Cocomo Lace Set (includes a few top and skirt options) from Velvetrythms
Jewellery: Destiny from Shine Jewellery

Dress: Black November (includes a few skirt options) from Velvetrythms--free (MM gift)
Earrings: Adored from Jewelry by Zuri Rayna--free

Gown: New York from Velvetrythms
Jewellery: Peach Blossom Set from Aether Life Shop

...and I'm going back for more!!:-)))

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