Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post-Birthday Post :-)

Wow, how time flies and I'm another year older! Once again I'm way behind in my blogging, so I'll cut the chatter and show you the pics instead:-)

Syn Collar, Vesna Hair and Lulu Skin

Alexa Dress, Ellen Hair, Faith Jewellery and Lulu Skin

Coco Tunic, Hanna Hair and Lulu Skin

Hello Sailor, Emilia Hair and Cleo Skin

Becca BoraBora, Katarina Hair and Cleo Skin

Top to bottom:

Syn Collar from Glam Affair at Fameshed--new! (other colours available)
Vesna Hair from eXxEsS--recent release
Lulu Skin-08 BL from Glam Affair at The Arcade--new!

Alexa Black from Kanou--new! (other colours available)
Ellen Hair from EMO-tions--new!
Faith Jewellery Set (winter--necklace, earrings and bracelet) from EMO-tions--new! (also comes in spring and summer)
Satin Gold Nails from Bamboo Nails
Lulu Skin-01 BL from Glam Affair at The Arcade--new!

Coco Tunic from Legal Insanity--new! (other colours available)
Hanna Hair from Pelle--new!
Berry Plum Nails from Bamboo Nails--recent release
Lulu Skin-04 DK from Glam Affair at The Arcade--new!

Hello Sailor Black (includes hat, sandals with HUD and life belts with poses) from Mag--new! (other colours available)
Emilia Hair from Pelle--new!
Jazzy Nails from Bamboo Nails
Cleo Skin-Europa 07 B from Glam Affair--new!

Becca BoraBora (hat, bag and sandals with HUD included) from Mag--new! (other colours available)
Katarina Hair from Tameless--recent release
Pornstar Aviators Gold (girls edition, with HUD) from Legal Insanity--new! (boys edition and other colours available)
Berry Pink Nails from Bamboo Nails
Cleo Skin-Europa 08 D from Glam Affair--new!


  1. Happy Birthday Lisa!!! I've been so out of it, sorry to have missed it! xoxox

    1. Thank you so much mom! xoxoxo No worries I know you have been busy! hugsss!


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