Monday, December 3, 2012

White Beauties...

White Beauty...
White Beauty...

Touched By An Angel... Touched By An Angel...

... talking about the gowns, of course, which are just right for the Christmas season too! The first gown, Dea, with its strategic cut--outs designed to tease and titillate, is from AtaMe, also known for its sexy latex fashion (yes, even latex gowns)! And the second gown, Peace Angel, is a beautiful ethereal creation from none other than Glitterati by Sapphire which has just celebrated its fourth anniversary in SL! (Actually,I even bought a fairy wand to go with this gown, but had to trash it because it came with a poofer which completely enveloped me in a cloud of stars and star dust particles *lol*)! These gowns also go so well with the new hairstyles that have been specially created by Bizarre Hair just for this Christmas season, and finally, with its extensive range of make-up and gorgeous skin tones, I can always count on the new Amberly skin from Glam Affair to match any mood I'm in, which, for today, happens to be..angelic! :-)

Dea Gown from AtaMe--new!
Magic Xmas Hair (with matching hair base tattoo, hud, optional deer and wisp add-ons) from Bizarre Hair--new!
Danielle Necklace from Virtual Impressions
Amberly Skin-America 05 Rav and Amberly Eyebrows Shape B from Glam Affair--new!
Pose from Purple Poses

Peace Angel Gown (with feather cloak) from Glitterati by Sapphire--Peace On Earth (POE) Hunt item
Xmas Hair (with matching hair base tattoo, Angel deco, Angel earrings and optional Angel wisp add-on) from Bizarre Hair--recent release (also comes with bow deco already blogged here)
Sofia Pendant Necklace from Virtual Impressions--2nd Advent gift (requires group tag)
Amberly Skin-Artic 06 BL and Amberly Eyebrows Shape B from Glam Affair--new!
Pose from Purple Poses

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