Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Voice (Part 5)

One Voice (Part 5)

Dani Sweater (mesh) and L.A. Exclusive Shorts from AngelRED at One Voice Fundraiser
Frills-Puka King Necklace from Sax Shepherd Designs at One Voice Fundraiser
Kathrin Hair from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday)
One Voice Travel Tote Bag from Envyme at One Voice Fundraiser--free
Odamae Shoes (with hud) from ArisAris--new! (other colours available)
Jade/Pale Skin from Lara Hurley at One Voice Fundraiser
Pose from dfo! at One Voice Fundraiser


  1. omg I love that look!!! <3 That would be so me IRL if I had the legs :P

    1. Aww thank youuuuu Ayla and you DO have the legs, I saw your rl pics remember? lol hugsss!~


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