Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy About Timmy And Puarangi Designs!

No, it's not some guy I'm going ga-ga over ("Relax, Erwin!"), it's this wonderful shop named Timmy that I've been visiting quite a bit lately, especially with its new location at Juicy Mirabella (and I love all the shops at Juicy)--the shop seems bigger and brighter now, filled with pretty dresses, cute separates, hats, gowns and even fabric textures! I think I can spend the whole day here! *hee* I've also been buying quite a bit of jewellery from Puarangi Designs lately (see here, here, here, here and here--told you it was 'quite a bit' *grin*) and I just found out that their jewellery sets in this post have been taken off the shelves for awhile but will be available again on 28 July or so at the new shop at regular prices. The new store is still under construction now, and I just can't wait!!! In the meantime, here's the LM to the new store: Puarangi Designs at Diamondhead

Dress: Smarties Minidress from Timmy--subscriber gift
Jewellery: White Cherry Blossom from ((Ripe))
Hair: No004 from KMH
Shoes: Leigh Heels Victorian Teal from Clocktower Designs (Thank you Kaliedra)!

Outfit: White Vest and White Skirt with Brown Belt (sold separately) from Timmy (Thank you Glasz)!
Jewellery: The Shir Set from Puarangi Designs--60L weekend
Hair: Khali from Hazzard
Clogs: Angelina Clogs from Baby Monkey--group gift

Dress: Scarlett (bag included) from Timmy--free
Jewellery: The Jadynn from Puarangi Designs--60L weekend
Hair: No005 from KMH
Shoes: 016 from Angel Alphaville--lucky board gift

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