Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Perfect Murder!

I first came across Miss Murder Skins at Freebie Zone (which is now closed, I'm sad to say) and was intrigued by the name at first, but later when I tried the skins I was amazed at how lovely and dewy they were, unlike most freebie skins! Some people even thought I paid a fortune for them! Now Miss Murder skins have a new home where old favourites and newer collections are either free or are being sold at rock bottom prices! *yay* ! Let's see...there are male and female shapes and skins, skins for role-play, Twilight-themed complete avatars, free tattoos, cute accessories, lots (and I mean lots) of free skins, shapes, etc...just perfect for someone looking for a change, or for a linden-less newbie (like I was before) in search of the perfect look! Wow, with such a wide selection, there is bound to be something for everyone!

Introducing Burnt Heart Skin (seen here in the first 4 pics) which will be released by end of this week! Great for rp fans!

Top: part of Touch of Black set from Axe Wear
Shorts: part of Camo Touch set from Axe Wear
Accessories: Fishbone Choker, Spiked Cuffs, Legwraps all from Moloko
Hair: Breakdown from LollipopZ--MM gift

Here below I'm wearing the Japanese Dream Queen Skin from the International Skins Collection--free for a box of 7 skins!

Outfit: Grenei Outfit from CandyMetal--1L
Hair: No011 from KMH
Booties: Ankle Multicolor form N-Core--group gift (previously blogged)
Glasses: Heart Glasses from Miss Murder--4L (for 5 pairs) Thank you Alissa!
Bat: Bat in Mouth from Miss Murder--free

Here I'm wearing Mean Girls Skin which is completely free!

Outfit: Latex Dollarbie Blue (bracelets and belt included) from CandyMetal--1L (for two sets)
Booties: Shoes for Life from CandyMetal--1L
Hair: Raine from kin
Glasses: Heart Glasses from Miss Murder-4L (for 5 pairs)

In this pic I'm wearing Moody Me Skin Shade 3 from the Moody Me Collection which costs only 5L for four shades!

Outfit: Freestyle Red Top and Girl Power Jeans from Eclectique--subscriber gift
Bracelets: Multi Skulls Bracelets from FM Designs--5L
Hair: Lacey Blonde from AMG Boudoir
Shoes: Alice Shoes from Donna Flora--1L

Finally, here is one of my favourites--Summer Fling Skin--1L (previously blogged)

Dress: Stretch Teri Beach Dress from Paris Metro--previous hunt gift

All skins from Miss Murder

Thank you Alissa!


  1. I love the Miss Murder pics... you look like a rock star :)

  2. Thank you Moniq, um...actually I thought I looked 'murderous' LOL! But I had great fun experimenting with those skins! xxx


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