Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Collection

Here are all the lovely dresses I had collected over the weekend but didn't have time to blog about till now; I'm also experimenting with some freebie-but-goodie skins (again)...just hope they will turn out alright somehow!

I think this was a subscriber's gift, but whatever it was, it sure made me happy because I love anything from Victoria Endsleigh! I blogged about her 60L dress last week, and today's dress is just as lovely, with soft flowing fabric and delicious off-shoulder top, making me feel all girly and sexy at the same time!

Dress: Warm Regards (hair included) from Victoria Endsleigh--gift
Jewelry: Hearts of Jade from Bliensen--10L
Shoes: Bare Lana from Stiletto Moody--anniversary group gift
Skin: Firefly from Envy--free

I was at DQ to check out the new releases when I came across this cute and colourful freebie dress which reminds me of my mother's beautiful garden!

Dress: Spring Dress from DQ--free
Choker: part of Rumba Jewelry set from PB Collection
Hair: Qiao from DrLife
Shoes: Fuxya from The King of Shoes--1L
Skin: Firefly from Envy--free

How I lurrve Midnight Mania gifts! Sometimes when I click on the MM board, I never know if I will ever get that item since it depends on the target being reached, but just when I least expect it and these MM gifts start pouring in, well... I don't want to sound shallow, or behave like a kid on santa's lap, but for shopaholics like me, the feeling is just...euphoric! (Actually, I was going to say 'orgasmic', but um..I might regret that! *grin*)

Dress: Gidget from Sweet!--MM gift
Glasses: Manon from Donna Flora--free
Jewellery: Purple Strips from PB Collection--1L
Hair: Yuki from eha
Shoes: Aureolin from Clocktower Designs
Skin: NHPaleNormal from Viv.a Skins--free

I think I can safely say that I also love anything from Petunia! I love the cute designs and colours and even the way the shop is built! And of course lazy ol' me always has a soft spot for outfits that come complete with accessories (and preferably with footwear and hair too *hee* but that would be stretching it I know and anyway, this outfit is just too adorable to pass)!

Outfit: Skirt Outfit and Bangles from Petunia--20L
Necklace: Star Color Beads from Somapop--55L
Hair: Hedeon Hair from Wasabi Pills (I couldn't believe this was actually sold as men's hair)!
Boots: Grey High Heel Stiletto from Alba--1L

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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