Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stay Sober with this Martini

I'm referrring to the Martini Hunt that's been going on at Elisabeth's Store (now what were you thinking of ?? *hic*) Just look for 12 conical martini glasses and get your freebies! Yep, it's that easy, though it was pity I didn't have much time, so this was all I got, but it's in one of my favourite pastel shades, so I'm happy enough! Also, thanks to M.E. Fashion again, I got this lovely clutch as a gift, I think it was for all subscribers, and wow, they sure have been giving out fantastic freebies lately, not that I'm complaining (just keep 'em comin' M.E.!! *hee*) And I love this cute, simple, no-frills watch which (I discovered by accident) has a hud that allows me to change the colour of the strap (well..so much for simple and no-frills! *heh*) K, I'm talking too much, here's the look for today...

Dress: Polka Baby from Elisabeth's Store--Martini Hunt gift
Clutch: Coco Black Pochette from M.E. Fashion--gift
Hat: Velor Hat from Find Ash--lucky board gift
Necklace: Eternity Necklace from Violet Voltaire--10L
Watch: A Broken Silicon Watch from Jetcity--free
Shoes: Royalty (with texture hud) from Heart & Sole--MM gift
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--previous group gift


  1. Humm.... first picture at the top - your avatar is placed at 20% of the picture, while it should have been located at about 38% which is the golden ratio.... how's that for a comment? Do you think your readers will think now that I am a pro?



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