Monday, July 5, 2010

Crazy About Ivalde!

There I was at Ivalde, standing alone at the group gift corner, gawking at the gorgeous dresses and gowns which were free for group members, and wondering if I should pay the 100L joining fee. It's times like these that I would suddenly hear the voice of my dear Erwin droning on about how lindens are peanuts compared to real money and blah blah blah...zzzzz...('s relative, I always argue *grin*). Anyway, I thought it was a really good deal, so I paid up, grabbed my rewards, and here they are! Oh, and while I was there I managed to snag a lucky chair gift too! hee..

Dress: Yelena--April group gift
Jewellery: Pearl Cotton from Fairy Tail at Fashion Fest
Hair: Love from LollipopZ--group gift
Shoes: Marilyn from Aniri's Boutique--subscriber gift

Dress: Kayla--February group gift
Necklace: AHC Diamond Black from Faceted
Hair: Chai Anxiety from Raspberry at Fashion Fest--free
Shoes: 024 from Angel Alphaville

Gown: Hera--January group gift
Jewellery: Gypsy Red Set from Puarangi Designs--60L weekend
Hair: Chiko from eha

Gown: Dis--lucky chair gift
Jewellery: Fairy Splendor from Ceriano Designs
Hair: from AY.LineE--July group gift

Gown: Fayme--March group gift
Jewellery: Wild Cat from Ceriano Designs--10L
Hair: Kate (with colour hud) from Ceriano Designs--10L

Dress: Amanda--June group gift
Bracelets: On the Rocks from alaMood--Fashion is Love hunt gift
Anklets: Passion from Ume Mode--group gift
Bag: Cassandra from Sole Sisters--1L
Shoes: Jamie from Sole Sisters--1L
Hair: Glory from LollipopZ--MM gift

All gowns and dresses from Ivalde

Skin in all pics: Venus from Nymph Couture

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