Monday, July 5, 2010

Group Gifts Galore!

Today I thought I would try this skin giftie from Dulce Secrets which has been really generous in sending out skin gifts with every membership milestone! I just wanted to keep it simple this time, so I wore the skin with this beautiful new group gift from D-Design and a pair of cute silver earrings from Dark Mouse to complete the look.

Gown: from D-Design--group gift
Earrings: Vintage Fleur Dis Lis from Dark Mouse--group gift
Hair: Betty from Tekuteku

I lurrve this purple outfit from Velvetrythms which comes with three skirt options, and the frilly ribboned booties are just too cute to resist! I was also amazed to find this adorable pearl necklace from Puarangi Designs with three out of four gems that happen to match the three colours (purple, blue and black) found in the outfit!

Dress: Mauvette from Velvetrythms--group gift
Hair: Renee from A Wild Hair--update group gift
Jewellery: The Sidonie from Puarangi Designs--60L weekend
Boots: Mauvette Bow Boots from Velvetrythms--group gift

Skin in all pics: Helias Cabernet from Dulce Secrets--1600 subscriber member gift

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