Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ever since I came across Lillou's Designs and blogged about it here, I have always looked out for her new releases, especially those that included hats! I don't know why I just have this thing for hats...hee...and this ballgown I got today does not only include a hat, but a hood as well! woot! And in one of my favourite rich gold hues too! Aaaaaanndddd.... just look at the price!!!

Gown: Amber from Lillou's Designs--10L (!!!)
Earrings: Violetta from Donna Flora--1L (my all-time favourite)!
Hair: Sang from eha (sexy gamine...how I love this look)!
Skin: Venus from Nymph Couture--subscriber gift (I think)!

**prices correct at the time of posting Smiley


  1. I LOVE this post and the pictures. It look like a Renoir painting :)

  2. Hey thanks Lila! Actually I was just trying out some editing tools and was not too sure how it would turn out:-)) But I sure am glad you like it :-))))


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