Saturday, July 3, 2010


Maybe it's just me, but it seems like time is being compressed these days and before you know it, it's another weekend again, and a new month too! Not that I'm complaining of course since I love moving forward, and the faster the better! *grin* The only problem is that when it comes to fashion, it changes real fast too, and some items I bought just a few days back are now taken off the shelves to make way for new releases! One example is the pair of boots I bought to go with the Buckles Wine dress from Poised--today they're no longer on sale! sheesh! But I love them so much that I took a pic with them anyways! Oh, and I seem to be getting in the habit of changing my skins to suit the clothes--maybe it's just a passing phase, so please just bear with me! heh..OK it's the usual weekend rush, so just a quick post today to share some pics with you, and I hope you all will like them too! Smiley

Dress: White Nirvana from AL Vatars Central--free
Hair: Karol from A Wild Hair--update group gift
Shoes: Jezebel Heels Siren from Clocktower Designs--MM gift

Dress: After Midnight Corset Dress from Nymph Couture--grand opening gift
Hair: Disturbia from LollipopZ--MM gift

Dress: Buckles Wine from Poised--group gift
Hair: Mila (with hat) from GuRLyWood--1L

Top: Bare Shoulder Blouse Peach from Prim & Pixel--subscriber gift
Skirt: High Waist Grey Jean Skirt from Willow--free
Necklace: Silver Swirls Necklace from Marymac--free
Hair: Chizuru from D!va--more than 4000 group member celebration gift

Outfit above: Heart in an Hourglass from Pounce
Jewellery: from Grace Azure--group gift
Boots: Suede Boots from LALA Moon--free (for 6 colours)--this was a nice surprise to me because I thought they only made hair!
Hair: Garnet Star from LALA Moon--lucky board gift

Dress above: Fucsia Minidress from B! Fashion
Shoes: Nodo from B! Fashion
Hair: from Dura--opening gift

Outfit: Queensday from Elisabeth's Store--group gift
Necklace: Tribal Necklace from Opium--group gift
Bracelet: Leather Bracelet from Izumiya--free
Boots: Suede Boots from LALA Moon--free (for 6 colours)
Hair: Dolly from LollipopZ

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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