Friday, July 16, 2010

LacieCakes Exclusive at the Summer of Love Fair!

The Summer of Love Fair will be opened on 17th July to raise awareness for mental health and LacieCakes has an exclusive bracelet in onyx/opal that will be sold only at the fair! Do note that this event is not to raise funds for charity, only to raise awareness, and all profits will go to the designers who are encouraged to donate some of the proceeds to Hopeline. This is purely optional however, and more information on Hopeline can be found here.

Jasmine Bracelets-Onyx/Opal from LacieCakes (sold only at the fair)!!

***You can also find Jasmine Bracelets in red/black, purple/black and blue/teal as new releases at LacieCakes Mainstore!

Thank you Lacie and Caidence!


  1. Geeez, it's like.... 'today I am going to model for you only one clothing item... a bracelets... so therefore I will wear nothing else..'... God you look so good


  2. LOL Erwin dear, with bracelets as lovely as these, you don't need anything else! xxxx


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