Monday, July 19, 2010


I lurrve this bright and cheery orange dress from M.E. Fashion, and what's more, it's free! I'm also in the mood for a change of skins today, so I searched my inventory and found this group gift from Dekade which I had not tried at all even though it had been all over the feeds quite some time ago! Yeah I know I'm slow..But slow and steady, I hope! *heh* These cute booties I'm trying on for the first time came with warmers, but I didn't feel like wearing warmers today so I turned them off with the hud! I can also change the colours of the warmers, the booties, the laces, the lace-rings, the soles, oh my, what a marvellous hud! Anyway, here's my casual look of the day...

Dress: Doreen from M.E. Fashion--free
Necklace: Celtic Knot Necklace from Puarangi Designs--dollarbie box
Bracelet: Leather Bracelet from Demise--opening gift
Booties: Ankle Multicolor (with texture hud, includes warmers not shown here) from N-Core--group gift
Hair: Ginette from A Wild Hair
Skin: Brooke from Dekade--group gift


  1. /me sighs... "you mean this is casual?... I mean where I live this is what we wear for weddings... baby.... this is a gorgeous dress, vibrant, live colors, do you mean you clean the skybox wearing this?"

  2. LOL Erwin, you're so cute! muachhhh!By the way,I don't clean the skybox, YOU do:-))

  3. Must get those booties!

    And you're right - that dress is gorgeous and uplifting. Thank you, M.E. Fashion!!

  4. Thanks Emerald :-)) I think M.E. Fashion is a label to take note of--seems like they took a really long break, but now they are back with a vengeance! Good for us consumers of course:-)))


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