Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovely Finds

So much shopping to do, so little time! But there were certainly some lovely finds on my 'express rounds', except for the poof dress which I thought made me look a little, um..rotund *grin*, but still it was a cute dress and I enjoyed putting the whole look together. I think the pic with the pink Kitty dress is probably my favourite look because I simply lurrrrve pastel shades and girly dresses, and the tote bag sure looks big and sturdy enough for all the junk I carry with me! hee...

Mini Dress and Booties: from P.S.Style--group gift
Hair: Glory from LollipopZ--MM gift
Armband: Black Leather Lace from M.E. Fashion--1L (for a box of goodies)
Bangles: Oriental Bamboo from Puarangi Designs--1L (for a box of accessories)

Dress: Kitty (bangles included) from M.E.Fashion--free
Hair: Star Me Kitten from Shag
Necklace: from DirtYSoul--free
Bag: Summer Bigbag from YS&YS--group gift
Flats: Brit from Sole Sisters--1L

Dress: Lola from M.E. Fashion--update group gift
Necklace: Funny Bow by Just Me at Le Loft--free
Hair: Wish You Were Here from Shag

Dress: Poof Dress by Willow at Alphabet Soup--free
Necklace: Cupcake Necklace (with texture hud) from Burroughs--lucky chair gift
Earrings: Victoria (with texture hud) from Burroughs--free
Stockings: Fishnet Stay Ups from Ivalde--free
Hair: Vanilla (includes hairband) from LollipopZ--MM gift
Shoes: Captured from Sole Sisters--1L

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