Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elisabeth's Store and Hunt at Zuri's

I have always been a fan of Elisabeth's and Zuri's (quite evident if you just do a search in my archives). In fact, it was not too long ago that I blogged about the Martini Hunt at Elisabeth's, and talking about hunts, if you have not heard of Zuri's by now, then this will be a good time time to get aquainted, starting with a hunt at the store! Your prize?? Four beautiful items from the Joy Pink Opal Set! The store has also been newly decorated, and I loved the scenery so much that I used it as my backdrop for today's post!

Gown: Anouk from Elisabeth's Store--group gift
Jewellery: Joy Pink Opal Set from Zuri's--free (all hunt items)
Hair: Blossom from LollipopZ--previous group gift

Dress: Nicolette from Elisabeth's Store--50L (new release offer)
Jewellery: Purple Rush from Zuri's--25L special price
Hair: Monica (hair band included with texture hud) from kik

Location: Jewelry by Zuri Main Shop

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