Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodies from Image Reflections!

I lurrve this kookie black and white outfit with cute bows in front and a big bow behind, no wonder it was named 'Cutesy'! And at 1L, it's quite a steal!

Outfit (above): Cutesy from Image Reflections--1L
Necklace: Double Necklace from Find Ash--1L
Hair: No012 (includes headband) from KMH

This black outfit ROCKS! And the deep cleavage and low back sure leave very little to the imagination! *hee*

Outfit: Rocker Gurl (with mesh stockings, leather pants and mini skirt options) from Image Reflections--free (giftbag of goodies)
Necklace: Colgante Mahmen Laval Negro from SOTD--1L
Hair: Thank You For Coming Gift Hair from Heart Softens--group gift

This is a great outfit to go shopping in! Actually there are quite a few other colours and styles which I like in this wonderful goodie giftbag, but I chose a black top so that the necklace will be more visible...

Outfit, Wedges and Shopping Bag: from Image Reflections--free (giftbag of goodies)
Cuffs: Heart Gold Cuffs from Puarangi Designs--group gift
Necklace: Sparkle Gold Necklace from Milady's Jewelry--free
Earrings: Serena Long Earrings from Burroughs--free
Belly Chain: Gold Belly Chain from Deviant Designs--gift
Hair: MIR from Heart Softens--1L

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