Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Group Gifts from Poised and Opium!

Outfit: Chop White from Poised--group gift
Hair: Bridget (includes sunglasses and scarf) from Hairy Situations--25L
Earrings: Bead Cluster Earrings from Faceted
Bangles: Flower Power from Puarangi Designs
Boots: Short Heel Chain Boots from Opium
Tattoo: Wish Heart Erwin from niciARTLINE--gift from Nici (previously blogged here)

Location: The Starlust Motel

I love this simple but cute white dress from Poised (shown above) because it's so easy to mix and match, and I'm also very thrilled by this pair of chain boots I found at Opium which comes with a texture hud to suit any mood! And speaking of Opium, I also joined the group so I could qualify for the four adorable group gifts (shown in the pics below):-

Left to right: Neko Blue, Jeans Dawn and RedBlue--group gifts from Opium
Hair: Soap from Tekuteku--group gift

Open Back Red (shoes included)--group gift from Opium
Hair: Tekesha from A&A
Necklace: No.134 fromo Kraftika--subscriber gift

Poses: Sofia from doll


  1. you are always attracted to those shoes or boots with metal attachments. Why baby??? Anyway, very nice pictures, as always,

    Your erwin.


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