Wednesday, June 30, 2010


OMG! DarkerSide has just sent out a new group giftbag--a stunning masked skin and a shape to go with it! I'm using only the skin here, and I absolutely lurrve it! The pale skin tone is in stark contrast with the mask and the blood-red lips, and together they exude an aura of mystery...(um...actually the mask also comes in handy on bad eye make-up days especially when the lashes just won't sit right! hee..)

Gown: Fantasy (accessories, gloves and glitter included) from ElaCor
Hair: Sasha from DrLife

Gown: Agnes Summer Gown from Meghindo's--group gift
Jewellery: Aztec Dream set from Jewelry by Zuri
Hair: Cutesie from GuRLyWood--free
Shoes: Parisiennes Sandals from NCparis

Skin in all pics: Masked from DarkerSide--group gift

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