Friday, June 25, 2010

Mad Weekend!

Mad weekend rush as usual for me, so a quick post today! Smiley

Dress: Exotica from MB-Designs--10L (limited time)
Jewellery: Fairy Splendor from Ceriano Designs
Shoes: 027a from Angel Alphaville
Hair: June Scripted Hair from Ceriano Designs--10L

Yikes! I forgot to shave my legs! Smiley

Dress: Barcode Dress from Before Sleep--40L (bought with 30L group gift card)
Shoes: Vixen Heels from Clocktower Designs
Hair: Olivia from Mina--update group gift
Skin: Pelu Pelu from CandyDoll--subscriber gift

Oh dear, looks like there's a tree growing on my head! Smiley

Dress: Alba from Arisaris--group gift
Shoes: Ultimate Ophelia from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Skin, Hair and Bangles: Evelin from YS&YS--group gift

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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