Friday, June 18, 2010

Paris Fashion Freebies!

I came across Paris Fashion quite awhile back (not to be confused with Paris Metro, which I had blogged about extensively), but just didn't have the time to take pics and post them, but I was amazed to find these gorgeous items totally free!

Gown: 1900 Amari Silk--this pink gown has got to be my favourite with the sexy boa and hat with net!

Gown: 1900 Mars 2010 Goddess

Gown: 1900 Valentine 2010 Elfe

Dress: 1900 Amari Lace

Dress/Gown: 1900 Ballerina

Lingerie: Aubergine Lingerie--group gift

I don't know how long these freebies will be up, so do hurry down to Paris Fashion now!

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