Monday, June 21, 2010

Seductively Sensu-elle!

The other day I had the privilege of meeting Rory Rives, CEO of Sensuelle, which, like the name suggests, sells sexy, seductively sensual lingerie and beachwear! Funny and friendly, Rory was still in what she called her 'morning look' when I dropped in at the store, though I must say her 'morning look' looks pretty cute to me! *grin* Oh and by the way, I learnt that the designer is a man! All I can say to that is--boy, he sure knows women well! hee! One last thing before I forget, there is also a range of pretty shoes with ribbons at the back, sculpted toes and easy-to-use hud and to celebrate the opening of the store, one green pair is going for a song at only 5L! See pic below...

Sensuelle Emma (this is Rory's fav and fast becoming mine too)!--review item

Sensuelle Green Set--free

Boudoir Slipper Emerald--5L

Here's your limo to Sensuelle!!

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