Monday, June 14, 2010


Here I am at Pretty Stick riding on a giraffe and wearing the dollarbie of the month...

The first time I visited Pretty Stick was back in March this year when owner Lili Longfall sent out a notice about this cute ripped orange dollarbie dress, and I ended up taking pics right outside her store just because I loved the scenery so much, with the rain and all! It's all archived here. Then soon after, during the hunt season, Lili renovated her store and I took even more pics (see here)! The last time I mentioned Pretty Stick was in May when I got this adorable black pearl/tiffany necklace and bracelet set as a group gift (see here), and now I'm so excited to be blogging about Pretty Stick again because well...firstly, I have been lusting after the latest designs, and secondly, I simply lurrrve the store's new look after Lili renovated it (yet again)! And the best part? It's still raining over there! yay!

Outfit: Green Midrise Jean Skirt and White Lace Top (bangles, necklace and boots not included)--dollarbie of the month

Outfit: Black Lace Crop Top and Rainbow Jean Skirt (includes lollipop, gloves and choker not included)--FF Hunt gift (notice the dollar bill in my butt? More of that later hee)!

Relaxing on my favourite bench outside the store wearing one of the latest releases with a cheeky 2 dollar bill stuck in my ass crack! hehe!

Dress: Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress (new release)--99L (50L for members)
Necklace and Bracelet: White Pearl w/ White Bow Set--MM gift
Accessory: 2 Dollar Bill for yo Crack--dollarbie

A closer look at the lovely necklace set...

Enjoying the rain....

Dress: Corset Dress Green--150L (also a lucky chair prize)
Necklace: Sunrise Jewels Black Pearl Necklace (which I bought some time ago and is still one of my favs)--75L

All outfits and accessories from Pretty Stick (unless stated otherwise)--Thank you Lili! MUACH!!!

Location: Pretty Stick


  1. Wow I love this Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress - you look so good in this picture. Could you wear it for me tonight? And don't forget the two dollar bill...



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