Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WOTY Hunt!!

The WOTY (short for Wheel of the Year) Hunt is on! Too bad I didn't have much time this week to hunt for more, but still I'm pretty delighted with these two lovely items I found so far...

Dress: Summer Solstice Dress from Pasarella--WOTY Hunt gift

Necklace and Earrings: Litha Chamomile Emerald set from Avon + Alpha--WOTY Hunt gift ( I just can't get enough of this brand--creator Michiko Avon is soooo good at making jewellery that cost us consumers so little to purchase yet make us look a million bucks! Way to go Michiko!!!xxx)

Hair: Ms. PMS from LollipopZ--lucky chair gift (don't you just lurrve the name of this hair)? *grin*


  1. /me is gawking at her barely covered breasts "it's... sooo sexy baby, you know that? this Pasarella sure knows how to cut a dress..."



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