Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekday Mix!

Honestly I didn't quite know how to name this post, I mean I enjoyed putting it all together but there simply wasn't a theme, if you know what I mean (and I often don't have a theme), so whenever I am stumped for words, I just call it a 'mix'! *grin*

Guess I'll start with the raincoat--and the first thing I thought of was the rain at Pretty Stick! I don't think there's a better place than this if you want lots of rain and puddles of water! (Thanks Lili! xxxx)!

Outfit: Raincoat (includes footwear) from Kloka--free (treasure hunt)
Umbrella: Carrot Umbrella from LVS & Co.--previous freebie
Hair: Messed Up Black from DarkerSide--group gift
Location: Pretty Stick

I bought this dress below with a store card quite some time ago but just didn't have the right accessories to go with it till now...

Dress: Hot Candy from Badkatz
Necklace: Cora Necklace from Virtual Impressions--free
Shoes: Ultimate Dita Fishnets-Black Suede from Baby Monkey--group gift
Hair: Bo-bang from DrLife--group gift

I just lurrve this sunny, cheery tee with a cute smiley in front and it goes so well with my skirt and shoes too! Oh and I really dig this adorable see-through vinyl bag!

Top: Smile Tee (comes with yellow panties) from Elemiah Design--free
Skirt: Scottish White Skirt from Temptation--group gift
Bangles: Floral Bangles (with texture change hud) from Baby Monkey--10L
Bag: Vinyl Bag Pink from Kloka--free
Shoes: Fatale Heel Aureolin from Clocktower Designs
Hair: Taken All from Fusemelon--free

Finally, this dress is one of two gifts I found at this Elemiah outlet (basically a sort of discount store) and there are many other pretty outfits sold at greatly reduced prices, so do check it out!

A closer look...

Dress: Destock from Elemiah Design--gift B1
Jewellery: Uno Diamond of Flower (with texture hud) from Avon + Alpha--free
Hair: Regina from Hair Solutions


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