Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Hat, Two Dresses!

I seldom wear hats, but this one caught my eye so I thought I would try matching it with two new dresses I found--one from my all-time favourite brand ElaCor which comes with all the essentials (that's why I lurrrve ElaCor soooo much and have blogged about them quite a bit too--at least 4 times I believe! hee)! The other was a lovely surprise dress gift I picked up from Myth when I was just exploring the sim and happened to walk into the shop! And of course I had to match it with this pair of boots I bought recently from Jazmyn D with the gift card because I couldn't get enough of um...(yes you guessed it) buckles!!!

Dress: Heart (belt, choker, shoes included) from ElaCor

Dress: Zebra Net Dress (belt included) from Myth--free
Necklace and Earrings: Soho Pink Garnet from alaMood--69L Hump Day Happiness
Boots: Buckled Up from Jazmyn D

Hat/Hair in all pics: Bonnie from Beautiful Dirty Rich--free
Skin in all pics: Cindy from Gatti--group gift

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