Monday, June 28, 2010

It's My Day!

Today I went to Poised because I wanted to buy a nice dress with the group gift card that I received, but I ended up with something even better and free too! It was the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt and I happened to walk right past the hunt box! Wow, Somebody up there loves me! hee... Then I hopped over to the Dominion Fashion District to pick up this cool pair of boots for only 25L! At the same time, Burroughs sent out a notecard about a free necklace, so I popped by there too, and got a gift from the lucky chair as well! It sure is my day today! *grin* And this cute short hair from [kik] is one of their new releases which I had been eyeing, so I bought it to complete the look...

Dress: Midsummer Night's Dream hunt gift (also includes a long skirt not worn here) from Poised
Boots: Stars Suede Boots (with texture hud) from EvA Footwear--25L
Jewellery: Starlight Necklace (free), Shanti Bracelets (lucky chair gift) and Uhura Earrings (free) all from Burroughs (all with texture hud)
Hair: Monica (includes headband with colour hud) from [kik]


  1. It sure was a lucky day and someone up there sure loves you. And also someone right here loves you - deeply.

    But tell me something - 25L for boots??? that's all??? Do they sell also boots for men in the Dominion?

  2. Aww love you too dearie! Muuuachh! As for the boots, um...the only way to find out is to go shopping, which you hate LOL!


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