Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink Valentine

Quick post today--I can't explain it but I just love pink, and I also love these new poses from Exposeur!Smiley

Dress: Ciandra Hot Pink from Ivalde--lucky chair gift
Necklace: Anthea Necklace in Pink Opals from Virtual Impressions
Earrings and Bangles: Where's Spring from Ear Candy--February dollarbie
Hair: 154 from W&Y

Dress: Jeline from Ivalde--January group gift
Necklace: Hearts Collide Pink from Chop Zuey--Valentine Diva Hunt gift
Hair: Anianka (hair accessory included) from S Town--group gift

Poses: Top Model Spring (14 poses) from Exposeur--50L (limited time)


  1. Ohh I love pink too, you look great :) And love the smiley as well, very funny :))

  2. Thank you Annomis and Corina! Yeah the smiley expressed my feelings exactly *hehe* hugsssss both


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