Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Come celebrate with SD Wears on its 4th birthday from now till 27 Feb!! There's a gift for everyone and everything is 50% off! Happy

4-Year Birthday Jacket (free!) worn with Destroyed Jeans (now only 37L!)

Left: 4th Birthday Exclusive Dress (necklace included)--only 25L!
Right: Deathly Attraction (includes belt and stockings)--now only 87L!

In all pics:
Skin: Susan from YS & YS--Skin Fair 2011 gift
Eyes: from Unique Megastore--Skin Fair 2011 gift
Nails: Copper from Adam n Eve--Skin Fair 2011 gift
Hair: Kyoko's Hair Shop
Poses: Purple Poses

All clothing from SD Wears
Happy Birthday!!! Champagne Toast


  1. I like those gifts , it is just so laggy at the skin fair

  2. Yeah Annomis, it sure was laggy, took me quite awhile to get in! But worth the try though:-))

  3. I love the dresses! So pretty. I need more patience when it comes to the skin I still cant get in, Ill keep trying! =)

  4. Thank you Laila! I know what you mean about the Skin Fair, I think it was only after 5 tries before I finally got in! Hope it will be easier for you! xxxx

  5. I just wanted to say that I do love these pictures and the skin looks great and also the dresses! Earlier I said it was ugly cause I couldn't find you... so that's were everything looks ugly and I apologize about that Mistress.


  6. Too late Erwin! *gonna strangle you myself* mwaahahahaha!!

  7. I love how you did these! Simply Stunning ^^


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