Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casual Mix

Just some casual mix for today... Dancing

Housekeeper outfit from Icewerk (group gift), Nails Black Studs from JD Design, Cinderella necklace from Fairy Tail (group gift), Taylor hair from A&A (MM gift), Biker Boots Wine (with 3 hardware textures) from Baby Monkey (new!)

Casual Jeans outfit (includes black shirt and choice of different combos) from SE Designz (new!), MKI hair from Liriope, Silver Carved earrings from Alisha's, Bloom pumps (choice of plain or print textures) from Baby Monkey (new!)

Sweetness lingerie from Icewerk (group gift), Gillian hair from A&A (group gift), Felicia flats (fawn) from Baby Monkey (new!)

Poses: EverGlow (new!)


  1. I love all your looks! And now excuse me, i need to go get that hair! <3

  2. LOL too funny Moniq! And thank you for your comment! Muachhh!

  3. oh I love casuals:) and great shadows Lisa

  4. Thank you Annomis! Those shadows took me forever *lol* xxxx


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