Monday, February 7, 2011

Black and My Take!

Wow I can't believe I've managed to come this far and STILL have fun with Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge!  This week's colour is black, and I don't usually buy black, but this gown from Lillou's Designs caught my eye because of the matching hat and cute little prim jacket! This is not my first time blogging about Lillou's--in fact, if I remember correctly, I first fell in love with hats because of an outfit I saw at Lillou's long ago!  I added this elegant swan necklace from Eden Beverly which was a steal at 55L (but I believe it's now reverted to the regular price) and completed the look with one of my favourite fuss-free up-dos from Simply Britnee!

Gown: Black Look (includes hat, gloves, belt and prim jacket) from Lillou's Designs--99L (LOW)
Necklace: Swan Black from E.B Jewelry--55L Thursdays
Hair: Madrid from Simply Britnee
Poses: Exposeur


  1. OOOOH Lisa, simply Stunning... like a blonde Audrey Hepburn in that first pic!!!!

  2. My first thought went to a superglam version of a southern belle. I want that hat!

  3. Awesome dress ... I love the glamorous style ... wish there were more opportunities to wear something like this ;-) ...
    One more reason to do the colour challenge ...
    and I love the necklace ... tho I thought it's rather a white snake than a swan ;-P

  4. Lisa...treschic!
    Great job as always! =)

  5. Thank you Viviyardley, Mayala and Laila! I agree with you Mayala, when I took a second look at the necklace, it sure looked more like a snake! But I still love it though *hee* *big hugsss all round*

  6. baby - those gloved hands are so sexy and the look is so elegant and the shoulders taht are exposed like this waiting to be kissed from behind....

  7. Love, love, LOVE the hat!!! Beautiful look from head to toe!!

  8. Thank you Erwin dear for your um...impassioned comments..will have a private talk with you later *hehe*

    Thank you Eliza! I'm really getting quite addicted to this style--if only I could wear it in RL everyday! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era!*sigh*


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