Sunday, February 6, 2011


Introducing new Knotted Pearls Necklace and Knotted Pearls NomNom from LacieCakes with resize menu and two necklace versions!

Accessories: Knotted Pearls Black (double-strand, also includes single-strand version) and Knotted Pearls NomNom Black from LacieCakes--new! (Thank you Lacie)!
Outfit: Night Transparent Catsuit from Glitter--group gift
Hair: Amnesha (with colour-changeable headband) from A&A--free (voting present)
Pose: Exposeur


  1. Your photographs are always so pretty!! I love the new necklace for LacieCakes; pearls are quickly becoming one of my favorite designs.

  2. Thank you Corina and Lashae! Yeah I love pearls too, they are so versatile and can jazz up an outfit in an instant!


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