Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Paris Metro has just released these beautiful breezy softly textured gowns in rich jewel tones which also come with silver chain link belts and heavy metal bracelets for that added oomph! By the way, there's a gift of jewels at the centre of the main store, so don't forget to get yours!!

Ice Red Hot Breeze Gown

Ice Hot Pink Breeze Gown

Ice Tourq Breeze Gown

Ice Indio Black Breeze Gown

Ice Lime Breeze Gown

All gowns from Paris Metro
Thank you Paris! xxx
Poses: Agapee
Location: Enchanted, Elven Realm


  1. They sure are, Lila, Paris Zsun always amazes me with her gorgeous gowns! :-))

  2. awesome again:) love the red one there...

  3. Thank you Annomis! Oh yes I remember you love red!! xxxx


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