Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moonlit Night

Dress to the nines on this moonlit night in these lovely elegant gowns from Lemania for a romantic night out with that someone special...

Red My Heart (includes back tie, stockings and shoes) from Lemania--100L (limited time)

Pink Diamonds (includes gloves, stockings and shoes) from Lemania--100L (limited time)

Poses: Exposeur


  1. all the pics are great, but the first one is wow, what a view!

  2. Thank you Annomis! The sea-view there had a real calming effect:-))

  3. Wow to the dresses and, may I say you have exquisite taste in hair. You always pick the right one for each outfit *hugs*

  4. yea,

    very calming,

    now where are you? we said we are gonna meet now...


  5. Thank you Corina! *hugssss back**

    And Erwin dear, be patient *hehe*

  6. I actually really love the last Lemania dress, even though I've been banned from her store - or at least I was the last time I checked, thanks to a blog post I wrote in July 2009, which I like to now call "The Big Damn Lemania Indigo Incident." Wow, so long ago! What am I still doing heeeeere????

  7. Wow Emerald, I just read that blog post you wrote about Lemania's Hunt and the comments as well-- looks like it was quite a hot topic then! I just hope that after such a long break, time would have healed all wounded parties and all misunderstanding cleared up. And why are you still here? 'Coz we NEED your brand of humour and fantastic writing style!! The blogosphere would be a very boring place indeed without you! *big hugsssss*


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