Monday, February 21, 2011

Feel the Heat!

Raise the temperature (and eyebrows *grin*) with these super-hot Jeans Sets from Immerschoen Fashion! These sets come with various options so you can mix and match as you please, and they go so well with these cute new ankle boots too!

Outfit: Bodycult Flower Jeans Set 'Eliza' (includes pretty top with flowers, regular pants and pants to go with boots, sculpted belt and scarf, bangle and tattoos)
Boots: Bodycult Ankle Boots 'Eliza' (Special Edition)

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Jeans Set 'Annie' (includes opened or closed tops, short net undershirt and leather jeans)
Boots: Immerschoen Girl-Ankle Boots 'Mia' (Red)

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Straps Jeans Set 'Sidney' (includes opened or closed tops, short sleeved shirt, short net undershirt, straps jeans with or without net)
Boots: Immerschoen Girl-Ankle Boots 'Mia' (Camou)

A closer look at the ankle boots...

Taxi: Immerschoen Fashion
Poses: xoxo ania, tram,

Thank you Nici! xxxx


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