Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fierce n Purrfect!

Take a look at these new releases from Fierce Designs and Purrfect 10! The boots from Purrfect 10 are sleek and oh so sexy with side buckles (I LOVE buckles!) and each pair comes with a comprehensive menu that gives you endless options! Talk about versatility! A new VIP gift is also available, and what's more, prices are reduced by 200L for one week only and VIP members still get 25% off these reduced prices, so hurry! As for Fierce Designs, I just love the new fun outfits--some burlesque, some Valentine-themed, with cute and unusual details such as arrow-pierced hearts, just in time for the season!

Serenity Heels Floral (new VIP gift!) worn with Il Pleut (mist particles and rainbow included); Pose from SyDS

I Heart You (Dark Katz Hunt gift--rose included); Pose from Nzuri

Damaris Boots Patent Black worn with My Milkshake (green; also comes in red, pink and white); Pose from Nzuri

Damaris Boots Patent Cream worn with Heartbreak outfit (necklace, hearts and arrows all included); Damaris Boots Patent SalmonRose (inset); Pose from SyDS

Love Fool; Pose from Nzuri

Cutie Pink (also comes in red); Pose from Nzuri

All footwear from Purrfect 10
All outfits from Fierce Designs
All poses from Nzuri, SyDS


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