Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glow with Paris Metro!

This beautiful luminous glow gown with wings is yours if you find it in the Flighty February Hunt at Paris Metro! See details about the hunt below!

Gown: Glow Gown + Wings from Paris Metro (Flighty February Hunt gift)
Jewellery: Sea Maiden from Chop Zuey--previous group gift
Hair: Carlotta from EMO-tions
Poses: EverGlow
Location: Enchanted, Elven Realm

The Flighty February Hunt 20th Feb to 6th March 
                      Okay folks now the Valentines Hunts are over it's time for a less mushy hunt.
             We are hunting a manic bug ( example at Hunt HQ) that will contain
     simply the best our designers can offer from clothes to builds, weapons, poses,
                                               tatoos and lots of fun stuff!!!!
                                    Hunt starts Here
                       Be sure to join the hunters chat group when you land!
        Group Inviter: Click here to join: secondlife:///app/group/586d6ea7-b4d6-9e3a-2ec8-f12302b56cf0/about

Happy hunting!!


  1. Wow amazing pictures! You look gorgeous in that dress <3

  2. Thank you Corina and Ayla! *Big hugsssss*

  3. Thank you Lashae! The gown and location are so inspiring! *hugss*

  4. wow beautiful captures, I like the colors of that dress:) you look gorgeous

  5. Thank you Annomis! I just love anything from Paris Metro, and I love that location too, it's a great place for photoshoots! xxxx

  6. OMG i am so happy to see what you do, again its awesome!!!!!!!!!! THank you xoxoxox

  7. It's my pleasure Paris! I really had fun wearing your gown! Muachhhhhhhhh!


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