Monday, November 1, 2010

My Weekend

Actually it's been a long time since I really had the weekend to myself--weekends for me have always  been about managing other people's expectations, stocking the larder, and doing chores that are needful but hateful (a necessary evil, I call it *grin*); nevertheless I still managed to gather these cute items here below and I do hope you'll enjoy them too!

Dress: Racquel from VoguE--free gift for guests
Necklace: Cascade Necklace from Sable Rose at SCD--Halloween party gift
Hair with Bow: Bree from CheerNo

Dress: Urban Girl 26 (booties and belt included) from Urban Girl--10L sale
Hair: Kiri from Heart Softens
Skin: Janine Skin 04 from Urban Girl--group gift

Dress: Poison (includes necklace and pumps)  from Jil's Design--group gift
Hair: Chiara from EMO-tions--new!
Skin: Janine 03 from Urban Girl--group gift

Top: Voca from ALB--group gift
Shorts: AnotherTorn Jean Shorts Pants from Badkatz--49L (using gift card)
Necklace: Candy Skulls from Sable Rose at SCD--SCD Halloween party gift
Bangle: Silver Basketweave Bangle from Ear Candy--Halloween gift
Skin: Melany A4 from Urban Girl--group gift
Eyebrows: Xanthe's Styled Eyebrows (soft and innocent) from Curvy Silhouettes Shapes--free with purchase of shape (thanks Xanthe! xxx)
Hair: Sweet Cannibal from Vanity Hair--Halloween gift

Poses: The Basics from Boutique Giada--opening gift (thanks Xanthe!) and Veronica from doll--300L for a pack of 10 poses (new!)

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