Monday, November 15, 2010

All I Need!

I found these cute legwarmers and stockings AND this sexy new group gift from Immerschoen when I logged into SL the other day and realized it was the work of Nici Sewell (again)! *hee* I just lurrve how she drops surprises on me every now and then without warning though I do worry sometimes that I may miss her items! And looking at niciARTLINE's selection, I think these are all I need to get through this season (and the next)! *grin* Also, I know this latest group gift has already been all over the feeds but I love it so much I just can't resist posting another pic of it!

Immerschoen Girl (tattoos included; necklace, shoes and hair/beanie not included) from Immerschoen--November group gift

niciARTLINE Stockings Wool/Nylon Mix

niciARTLINE Stockings Legwarmers Design#1

Here are more colours:

Taxi to niciARTLINE (@Immerschoen)
Poses: Vivaposes (old pose pack--for some reason I couldn't find the location anymore)

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