Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Take on Grey

Actually, I didn't intend to do this challenge (i.e. Luna Jublilee's Blogger Challenge) because the colour this week is grey and I don't have a lot of grey stuff in my inventory. But today as I re-visited MPD , a shop which I had blogged about quite some time ago (see here), I saw some grey-ish items which reminded me of this challenge, so together with some other things I threw on, here's my take on grey...

Top: part of Winter Grey Sweater and Skirt set (worn without collar) from MPD--3L (for a  fatpack of 4 colours)
Skirt:  part of Until Forever outfit from MPD--free
Necklace: L'Atelier from Sad's Jewels--subscriber gift
Brooch: Scorpion brooch from Amaranthus--gift (in celebration of creator Elbereth Nightfire's rezday--Happy Rezday Elbereth and thank you)!
Shoulder Pet: Stuffed Cat on Shoulder from Izumiya--free
Bag: Stripe Bag from Izumiya--free (3 colours)
Hair: Kyung from DrLife
Stockings: Leggings Pastell (black) from niciARTLINE
Shoes: Grey Stilettos from Winter Grey Sweater and Skirt set from MPD
Skin: Kimmy from Miss Murder--1L (for 5 skin tones)
Pose: Kyoot


  1. Hey you!! <3

    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Its a great post ... and I'm totally looking forward to your upcoming weeks with the color challenge!!

  2. Yay, Luna Jubilee commented!!! lol awww thanks Luna and I sure look forward to doing all the weeks if I can! xxxxx


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