Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Gifts

Quick post today because of the weekend rush--but I just wanted to show you these two lovely gifts...

Gown: Lucilla (head piece and gloves included) from Lillou's Designs--group gift (500 members)
Hair: Wrapped from DarkerSide--1L
Pose: Glitterati
Location: Lost Eden (Victorian Steampunk Room)

Dress: Raw Silk Cocktail Dress Flowers Red from Paris Metro--free (Female Tribe Exclusive)
Earrings: Large Hoop Earrings from Caroline's--free
Bracelet and rings: Grab Bag Box from Chop Zuey--group gift
Shoes: Outrageous Heels from NCparis
Hair: Lady Sanaby from M&H
Pose: Posies
Location: Lost Eden (Castaway Island)


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