Friday, November 5, 2010

Sn@tch Me...Anytime!

Wow there are so many fantastic new releases from Sn@tch this week that I don't know where to begin! There are dresses and separates, from street to office-wear! I guess I'll just show you some of my favourites (which is....quite a bit! *grin*). All items come in a wide range of colours too, so do drop by at Sn@tch to see the rest!

Left to right:
Fast Forward--argyle sweater with sculpted big collar and pencil skirt
Glamour in the Bathroom--sheer sweater with plaid capris and belt
Go to Meeting--retro ruffled dress with sculpted skirt

Left to right:
Imagine--sheer beaded tee with belt and tweed skirt
Inspire Malice--off-shoulder dress with sheer striped skirt and bow
It's Elemental--velvet bodysuit with coordinating sculpted skirt

Left to right:
Kinston Says They're a Bitch--sheer gothic top with collar and grommet pants
Modesty Hoodie (with attached bra) worn with Trocadero Skirt and Diamond Socks
More than Madness--checked top with grunge mini and kneesocks

Left to right:
Omega--polka dot top with black ribbed corset bubble skirt
Strapped Halter (leather strapped backless bare-all) worn with Glitter Studded Pants (belted)

Left to right:
The Campaign--military style top and studded capris
Velvet Bodysuit--with sculpted top band and cuff

Left to right:
Velvet Drape Dress--with sculpted sleeve, skirt and cowl
Wanna Be Gwen--cropped sweater, black cargos and knit armwarmers

Poses: doll, Posies
Taxi to Snatch

Thank you Ivey!


  1. Oh my goodness, so many dresses, and so many settings, and pictures, and effort. Baby you deserve a long rest, perhaps a foot massage, you just deserve it sweet heart.

  2. Aww thank you dearie, so you're going to massage my feet? *grin*


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