Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sexy Lingerie from niciARTLINE!

niciARTLINE's new lingerie sets are both girly and sexy at the same time, with string and shorts options and a more transparent version in black too for that extra oomph! I thought it would be most fitting to take my pics at Lost Eden's Grand Hotel Honeymoon Suite which is on one of the adult private sky islands where you can set the room to 'private' to ensure that no one disturbs you and your partner! This suite comes complete with lots of amenities to pamper the couple--there's a massage table, sex bed, sex tub, two fire places with sofas for chilling out (or making out), a little table for two for an intimate candlelight dinner and there's also so much space here that you can probably fit in more than twenty for a bash or two!

Lingerie Sets Janine from niciARTLINE
All hair from Ivanka Akina
Poses from Juxtapose
Pics taken at Lost Eden (Grand Hotel Honeymoon Suite)


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