Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elf Hunt and New Gown at Paris Metro!

There's going to be an Elf Hunt at Paris Metro starting officially on Dec 5 and designer Paris Zsun has prepared some gorgeous hunt gifts for you! She has also created a beautiful new gown complete with cape, just right for the winter season! Take a look below..

Here are the Elf Hunt items!! (Do take note of the different hunt locations)

Emerald Velvet Dress (Hunt location: Paris Metro Couture)

Earth Sweater + Brown Leather Jeans (Hunt Location: Paris Metro Female Tribe Island Paradise)

Lucky Charm Beret + Scarf (knit top not included--Hunt Location: Paris Metro Four Seasons Plaza)

Red Velvet Romance Gown + Cape--new! (Available at all 3 Paris Metro stores)

Poses: Slash Me Poses, Posies


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