Sunday, November 7, 2010


This cute pristine white outfit from Taylor Made comes with choker, lip piercing, belt and leg warmers, and just wearing it makes me happy (those who know me will tell you that it takes very little to make me happy *grin*) because it reminds me that my favourite season is coming--Winter!!! Oh, and Christmas!! Woot!

Outfit: Snowbound from Taylor Made--free
Booties: Hayley from Baby Monkey--MM gift
Hair: Fluff from Smexy Town
Skin: Special Skin from MonS--60L (Super Bargain Saturday)
Pose: oOo


  1. YAY for snow!!! I love that cute outfit! And free? Thank you, Taylor Made!

  2. LOL Emerald, looks like we're both gonna have a ball this winter! xxx


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