Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Purrfect 10 Indeed!

OMG I think this must be one of the most highly anticipated grand opening in SL--yep, I'm talking about Purrfect 10, the amazing couture shoe store whose shoes are simply to die for! Just look at the designs, the colours, the textures, the hud that includes such a comprehensive menu it would please even the most fastidious shopper! I couldn't resist playing with the hud myself, though I wish I had more time to experiment with all the shoes here! If elegance, quality and uniqueness is what you're looking for, then Purrfect 10 is THE store for you! And to celebrate the grand opening, there's a special VIP gift for VIP group members--the Serenity Heels Leopard limited edition which will not be sold to the public--ever! So get yours now at the store!

Serenity Heels Leopard VIP Gift 

Serenity Heels Patent White 

Amara Heels Leather Cream (you can tell I was having fun testing out the hud here)!

Isabelle Boots Autumn Copper (What amazing colour change! Love the hud, and the colours)!

Poses: oOo, Exposeur, CoD, YMX, Posies
Taxi to Purrfect 10

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