Friday, November 19, 2010

Victoria Endsleigh's Weekend Deals and More!

It's the weekend again and there's so much in store for all of you at Victoria Endsleigh Couture! What I love about Victoria is the fact that each design is unique and a work of art, and the range is so extensive there's bound to be something for everyone! Take a look at this week's fantastic deals:

I'll start with the new releases...

Left to right:
Opal Gown (includes hair and boots)--150L new!
Bo Peep Gown (includes 2 skirt options, bowtie, hair, hat and shoes)--150L new!
Snowy Mountain Outfit (includes necklace, hair and boots)--150L new!

Urban Legend Outfit (includes hair, turban, accessories and sneakers)--150L new!
Warrior Princess Gown (includes 2 skirt options, hair and armbands)--150L new!

And here are the 60L Weekend deals!

Gidget Outfit (includes hair, frill socks and slippers)--60L

Anastasia Gown (includes earrings, bangles, hair and head band)--60L
Antique Lace Gown (includes hair, head band)--60L

Fifties Diva (includes choker, hair and lingerie)--60L

Gangsta Gown (includes hair, hat, feather boa, lingerie and holster)--60L

Juliet Gown (includes hair,headpiece and skin not worn here)--60L
Maree Gown (includes hair and skin not worn here)--60L

Mary Quaint (cardigan, hair, earrings, stockings and shoes included)--60L

Poses: doll, Posies, Baffle
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