Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to Eden

Gown: from Lillou's Designs--November group gift
Hair: RenewalOpenGiftHair from Arata Shouten--1L
(Pic taken at LisaMun Falls at Lost Eden)

Lost Eden is a place that holds many memories for me--it was the one place in SL where I actually 'worked' and invested in, and the owner Firey is also one of my oldest and dearest friends, who even built a waterfall in my name--LisaMun Falls!!! I was really touched when she did that, I mean, it's not everyday that I get a waterfall named after me! *grin* Now I'm no longer actively involved in the running of Lost Eden, though I still visit quite often, mostly to chill and to bug Firey! *hee* These days, Lost Eden draws crowds to its many sky islands and venues which cater to every need and lifestyle, and today I will give you a glimpse of it with much more to follow in my subsequent posts!

More LisaMun Falls...

Gown: Fluffy Fairy from Lillou's Designs--lucky board gift
Hair: Demeter II from VDI--free
Earrings: Ajisai Earrings from Chop Zuey--group gift

...and here I am enjoying the beautiful ice-skating area...

Gown: Aphrodite Light Gold (choker, earrings and fur sleeves included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Hope Floats from Lemania

Outfit: November 2010 (fur and belt included) from QQ Fashion--free
Hair: Lady Belania (hat included) from M&H
Boots: Isabelle from Purrfect 10

Cloak: Coyote Fur Cloak from MaMia--free
Hair: Baby from Nodoka
Top: Winter Peach Sweater (includes skirt not worn here) from MPD--3L (for 4 colours)
Leggings: Wild Thing (includes top not worn here) from MPD--free

Poses: !Bang, Posies
Location: Lost Eden


  1. Wow I like the shades of the red as it is mixed with the yellow of the gown, amazing!


    Wow I am so observant.

  2. Um...Erwin my dear, I'm not sure which gown you're referring to LOL


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