Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New from Lestat!

Here are this week's new releases from Lestat--one is a dress named Milk Maid, which is in the colour of...well...milk *grin* and it comes with a beautiful scripted shawl and pretty ruffle skirt; the other is a casual knit outfit with a resizable sculpted top and a cute little button on each pant cuff.

Dress: Siss Boom-Milk Maid from Lestat
Hair: Annie from Smexy Town
Shoes: Simone from Baby Monkey--group gift

Outfit: Siss Boom-Moody Knit from Lestat
Hair: Trinity from Damselfly
Necklace: Animal Tooth Necklace from NCparis--group gift
Shoes: Women's Espadrilles from Duh--free

Poses: Purple Poses

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